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February 2008


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Feb. 23rd, 2008



[Private to Mello||Unhackable]

How are you feeling?


[Private to Matt||Unhackable]

...Have you been looking after Mello?


[Private to L||Unhackable]

This so-called "history lesson"...an explanation in person or over the tablets?


Welcome, to the new arrivals.
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Feb. 11th, 2008

sideways glance


[Private to Mello]


Is there chocolate here?

Also, please keep an eye out for new arrivals as well. We do not want Yagami to manipulate them to his own will.


Feb. 2nd, 2008



As I'm sure most of you have noticed, the pattern as to who was brought to this place and why still remains a mystery as well as who brought us here to begin with.

What makes the matter even more complex is that not everyone here is human. This requires further investigation.

[Private to Self//Unhackable]

How is he alive?

I eliminated him 5 years ago...He was nothing more than an interference in the Kira case.

He is from a different reality, as is Matt and obviously Mello, since they are both still alive. Matt however has no recollection of the Kira case whatsoever, which can be dangerous and beneficial to Yagami Light who is in the tower as well. I must be sure that he is not manipulated.

I'm surprised he has not recognized me yet, unless he too is from a different reality where the Kira case is nonexistent. The chance that he was Kira where he is from is 47% as of right now. He seemed purposely vague in his description that he was a politician where he was from, as well as the fact that he is using an alias.


Feb. 1st, 2008

I am N.


…This place is unfamiliar.



I’ve never seen nor heard of such a structure in the middle of the ocean. It’s impossible to have constructed a tower of this complexity and size so far from civilization that dry land can not be seen in any direction. Not only that, but surely it would have caught the attention of the media, even if its creator were to try and keep it a secret for whatever reason. A glass tower in the middle of the ocean isn’t something easily hidden.


A kidnapping? Perhaps. The possibility is not 0. However, I find it highly unlikely that a kidnapper would have stripped me of my clothing and put me in living arrangements such as this. Also, seeing how I fell asleep at headquarters, a kidnapping would have caused some type of alert, whether it would have been Lester, Jevanni or Halle, one of whom should have been up watching the monitors, or the kidnapper themselves tripping an alarm. The fact that I am a light sleeper as well can be factored into my skepticism about this situation being a kidnapping.


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